Trusted Partner

How to make sense of all the information; who to trust, how to find time and what will actually make a difference?   These are all questions we face as we navigate the ever changing and often-heated debate around our food supply and it’s impact on health.


As a small, independent grocer, here are 5 steps we are taking to be a Trusted Partner.

1.)   Sourcing and education – We are spending time working with vendors to source healthier products and educating our team about the foods we choose to put into our stores.

2.)   Classes – We are creating fun and informative classes to help customers conquer their biggest challenges to eating more healthfully

3.)   Local and Organic – We support local and organic vendors and actively seek to 10488403_10152500223562698_7905775365066543645_nprovide them a place to showcase their passion

4.)   Training – We are staying on top of of issues so we can be a part of the solution

5.)   Partnering – We are partnering with health care providers, schools, parents and other organizations to co-create a healthier community

To find out how we can partner with you or your organization contact, Noreen McGinnis Campbell at 412-860-7874 or noreen@mcginnis-sisters.com