Spring Seafood

April means Spring is here! And so is lent for a few more weeks. Let’s think easy fish dishes:

You can use this marinade on salmon and pretty mush any white fish of your choice (not catfish. ) This a provincial seasoning marinade that you make yourself. I do recommend that you let the meatier fish (salmon, halibut, sea bass) marinate longer than the thin flaky fishes (any kind of sole or tilapia).

All the equipment you will need is a food processor and if you do not have one then us a knife and cutting board and chop away, that’s what I like to do. There’s no shame in wanting to practice your knife skills any time you can! Oh and a bowl to mix all ingredients in and a sheet tray to bake on lines with foil or parchment paper.

Zest from one washed lemon
Zest from one washed orange
Lavender to taste (I like lots),chopped if you don’t have a food processor
Basil fresh or dried if you can’t get fresh, chopped if you don’t have a food processor

Directions: Mix up all the ingredient in a food processor or on your cutting board. In a bowl add the mixture and then add you choice of high heat oil. I use coconut, but don’t use to much on some fishes that are already high in fats like salmon. Smear the mixture over your fish put in frig for an hour. Pull out let fish sit for 20 minutes to take chill off and bake at 450 F for 10 minutes per inch of thickness of your fish.

Side dish rice boiled with chicken broth or coconut milk instead of water will make a lovely meal!

Chef Sarah Lujetic


Chef Sarah
Chef Sarah