Red Beans and Rice


After attending our nephew Brad’s play at Steel Valley High School last week, we all descended upon the former entrance of Homestead Steel Works to the fabulous Blue Dust for dinner.  My husband and I split a bowl of Red Beans and Rice among other items.  The sauce was hot and hit the spot on …

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Live to Eat (A yoga inspired thoughtful food suggestion)

Ready for the oven! Wild Caught Alaskan Cod pesto crusted and garnished with balsamic toasted almond slices

So today’s blog is part story, part personal, part food.  I will begin with my personal story to get to my food inspiration. It’s 10am and I am squeezing in yoga between school drop off and hurry to work to hurry to pick my daughter up at the sitters to hurry home to well…HURRY!!!! Not …

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